Protect Your Assets Against Corrosion for many years.

active coating for complex corrosion issues

OXIFREE is a thermoplastic coating for corrosion protection and the prevention of particle contamination.  It contains corrosion inhibitors and provides protection against all corrosive contaminants.


OXIFREE does not adhere to surfaces making it easy to remove. It is reusable and non-toxic, containing less than 0.05% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).  It is environmentally friendly and 100% vegetable based.


Applied by a heated pistol and hose, OXIFREE offers a flexible thermoplastic coating that protects the area from all types of contaminants as well as atmospheric and galvanic corrosion.  OXIFREE is designed to create a barrier for a variety of equipment and components, preventing entry of water and dust even on rotating parts.

Ideal for flanges, process piping valves and long term storage of equipment in any weather conditions.

Application machines have undergone extensive development and testing.  They are sold in both 12 lbs and 50 lbs sizes to cover a wide range of applications.