Inductosense is a state of the art system to measure and control wall thicknesses. Inductosense is developing wireless, battery-free, sensors that can be permanently fixed to a product or structure for fast, repeatable inspections of cracks, defects or corrosion. The sensors can operate underneath coatings, insulation, or repairs and can also be embedded into a material. They are entirely passive and the power and signal are provided remotely by non-contact inductive coupling from a handheld measurement probe. The technology is referred to as the Wireless and Non Destructive (WAND) system.

The WAND Evaluation System is ideally suited for measuring the thickness of structures, such as a pipe wall.  It consists of a pack of 20 sensors, a hand-held measurement probe and a sensor fixing kit. The ultrasonic A-scan is displayed on the probe’s screen along with the calculated thickness and the data can also be viewed and analysed using the web-based software.

  • Permanent – through-life repeatable measurements from the same location without alignment, coupling gels, or human error
  • Embeddable – battery-free, wireless and compact sensors – can be embedded under coatings, insulation or into a structure
  • Fast – measurements can be taken in less than a second

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